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With the internet becoming more affordable and accessible, everyone is seeking an android tv. The picture quality is outstanding, and the speed at which it works is incredible. Undoubtedly, we want to upgrade ourselves with these modern entertaining stuff. 

The Elista smart tv is an Android TV that you can use alongside your smartphone, laptop or pc. It has a beautiful 4K picture quality and excellent sound quality. So, if you are looking for the best cloud tv, Elista has wonderful options at a budget price.

Why should you choose a smart android tv for your home?

The smart android tv box has its google voice remote control and voice search to make the TV experience more enjoyable. The mobile app can also be a remote control for the smart tv if you are not comfortable using it with your voice. It is also compatible with Android TV apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon video.

Why should you choose elista?

Our Cloud LED-SF43EBA65 HD TV has multiple connectivity options, including USB / HDMI ARC. Features like USB will improve your home entertainment to USB communication, dual speakers, and in-built gaming. Some of the outstanding features of this device include the A+ grade panel and broad viewing angle.

Other wonderful features like, it works on android 9.0 (AOSP) and has a Quad-Core CPU with 8 GB Storage capacity and 1GB RAM. Our cloud tv also has a Screen Mirroring option so that you can easily mirror your mobile/laptop screen.