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Earbuds are everywhere, with newer and better models on the market daily. We want to help you by showing you some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. Elista is a company committed to helping people find better products and make smarter shopping decisions. Let's see what we find for you!

What are truly wireless earbuds? 

True wireless earbuds are not connected by a wire, unlike cable-based earphones or Bluetooth headsets, but instead connect directly to your device through Bluetooth. They have some wonderful features that make them so comfortable to wear.

Our earbuds are truly amazing, and this is why:

Our TWS201 follows a classic cylindrical design with an ergonomic touch. They look stylish and premium, with an aluminium body and a matte finish on the housing. It has deep bass with Hi-fidelity sound and a long playing time with a charging case of upto 10 hours with a 300mAh battery capacity. It is a true wireless earbud with a built-in microphone that is perfect for phone calls and music (because of its great sound quality).

"The TWS201 is a great option for listening to your favourite music and attending online meetings on your laptop in addition to being totally wireless earphones." - Elista.

In addition to its great design, the TWS201 are truly wireless earbuds with impressive auto Pairing. You have to turn on the earbuds and place them in your ears. They will automatically pair with each other and connect with the source device.


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