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Best Chest Freezers in India: Elista’s EVL-CFC Series

Are you tired of managing inadequate freezer space and food spoilage problems? Look no in addition! Elista introduces its modern-day chest freezer series, mainly designed to provide robust cooling solutions for the storage of perishables. Our EVL-CFC range is enormously convenient and powered by superior technology, ensuring lengthy-lasting freshness for your meals. Explore the capabilities and benefits of the Best Chest Freezers in India.

EVL-CFC 330 HT2: Efficient Cooling for Compact Spaces

The EVL-CFC 330 HT2 is a powerhouse in a compact design. With dimensions of 1105 x 720 x 845 mm, it has an internet capability of hundred and fifty liters. The smooth outer and inner body, in conjunction with a castor wheel design for smooth mobility, make it a super preference for people with restrained space.

EVL-CFC 430 HT2: A Step Up in Capacity and Performance

The EVL-CFC 430 HT2 is the perfect choice for those needing more garage space. With a net capability of 205 liters and dimensions of 1395 x 720 x 845 mm, we guarantee efficient cooling with a smooth outer frame. Say goodbye to meal garage hassles with our spacious Chest Freezer Elista.

EVL-CFC 530 HT2: Maximize Storage with Premium Features

Experience the top-of-chest freezer era with the EVL-CFC 530 HT2. This freezer is a sport-changer, boasting a net ability of 246 liters and dimensions of 1685 x 720 x 845 mm. Say hi to a trouble-unfastened and organized freezer area with the EVL-CFC 530 HT2.

Innovative Design for Long-lasting Freshness

Elista's EVL-CFC series features a unique layout with a 360° castor wheel gadget, making it easy to transport the freezer. The trendy manipulated panel design and a practical light system ensure visibility and ease of use. The outer frame, fabricated from PPGI material, provides a touch of sturdiness and sleekness in your kitchen.

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