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A Computer UPS can help you protect your data from the sudden power outage that can happen at any time. If a power surge fries your expensive computer, what good is it? You need to back up your hard drive and other important files before you replace the expensive device with a cheap one. Looking for more reasons to buy a UPS for your computer? Elista has a wonderful option for you in protecting your valuable computer data.

What are the specifications of Elista's Computer UPS?

For the smooth operation of your appliances, choose the Elista ELS Energy U725 UPS with a built-in voltage regulator and ultra-quick charging. It has DVR compatibility and multiple protection features like battery bypass, surge and spike protection, grounding, etc.

This UPS is a necessary power supply since it has high-tech auto restart upon power restoration and high protection from overcharge, discharge, overload, etc. It also has a unique audible alarm in Backup Mode. It sounds every 10 Sec; in the low battery, it Sounds at every 1 Sec, and after overload, its Sounds at every 0.5 Sec. After getting any fault, It continuously sounds so that you will know the correct time to shut down your computer.

What are the advantages of Elista's Computer UPS for me?

Elista offers a wide range of uninterruptible power supply units that are compatible to meet your needs. Since it has a battery backup, you can still use your computer even if you lose the electric supply. Its recharge time is 3-4 Hours to 90% after Complete discharge. 


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