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Using a mouse to control the cursor on a monitor makes one feel like they have telekinetic powers. The mouse is our finger, but so much more precise. It is an input device that can effectively perform many operations without lifting a finger of the mouse.

If you are looking for an affordable wired mouse with many features, then you have come to the right place. Elista has three types of wired mice.

What are the features of Elista's wired mouse?

We provide 3 versions of a wired mouse named ELS WM503, ELS WM502, and ELS WM501. They are the Best Computer Mouse from Elista. So you can use them to get the perfect selection of the best product from them.

Elista ELS WM 503 wired mouse offers excellent performance with a 1000 dpi optical sensor. It has a 1.2 M cable length with the best USB connectivity and smooth scroll to have a good gaming experience. It Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 as well as Mac.

Our ELS WM 502 & ELS WM501 wired mouse also comes with a 1000 dpi optical sensor and smooth scroll. In addition, it has comfortable rubber grips on both sides of this best computer mouse from Elista to give you a better hand feel while using this gaming product.

Benefits of using the wired mouse?

- Don't need a battery

- Works faster and more dependable

- Less expensive than a wireless mouse

- Easy to use

- No need to install a driver which operates in pairs with the keyboard or mouse.

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