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wireless keyboard,Wireless Keyboard and Mouse





wireless keyboard,Wireless Keyboard and Mouse



Wireless Keyboards 

If you're not one of the lucky few who still have a desk-bound to your workspace, and if you spend more time in front of your laptop than swiveling around in a leather chair, then investing in a good wireless keyboard might be the best decision you'll ever make. And we're here to help!

Why Elista wireless keyboards?

Elista offers Wireless keyboards in two variants: ELS KMC-752 & ELS KMC-751. The Keyboards are not only wireless but also made up of Instructional Material Plastic and specific features like Nano Receiver, Indicator Light Green, Wireless technology of 2.4Ghz, etc. 

Our Keyboards have a working life of 10 million times which means lower maintenance costs! The keyboards can be used for anything from typing to Gaming, Presentations, or Internet browsing (if you prefer to use a mouse).

Elista's wireless keyboard models have different features depending on the model. However, both have a high Key-Pressing Lifetime, are compatible with Windows 95/98/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/, Linux, Mac, and Android and have 102+9 Multimedia Keys.

Features of a Wireless Keyboard:

- Low power consumption

- Wireless keyboard with rechargeable battery

- Durable Construction

- Stylish Design (different colors)

- Long life span 

- Bluetooth technology 

- For connecting and disconnecting devices at will

We provide Wireless keyboards with huge demands to the dealer in the market. You can visit our website and order your desired product at an affordable price. The same goes for resellers.

Why are Wireless Keyboards in trend?

Wireless Keyboards are also becoming increasingly popular as a USB cable does not need to connect them to the computer. With a wireless keyboard, you can type on the keyboard or use a mouse or trackball in the comfort of your bed with no obstacles!

With all the technological advancements in this industry, wireless keyboards have become increasingly popular. They help you eliminate excess cables and avoid possible accidents that may arise from untidy wires.


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