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Crown EW100SM


Crystal EW100CM


Wired headphones have become one of the most popular headphone brands in recent years due to their affordability and sound quality. Many users rave about their effectiveness at reducing noise, improving sound clarity and overall quality, and not needing a headband or any other attachment for them to work. 

What are the features of Elista's Wired Headphones?

Wired headphones are rated far above average among manufacturers if the sound quality that can be achieved is considered. Elista has Crown EW100SM & Crystal EW100CM, which have amazing sound quality with deep bass.

It is available with both single pin & double pin auxiliary cables. Each cable is equipped with gold-plated connectors for strong signal transfer and is durable enough to last. Specially designed for all popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and PC or laptops.

Designed with a special dynamic speaker with a neodymium magnet for more powerful bass & clearer sound effect. It also has an adjustable headband to fit the headphones perfectly on your head.

Its side mic with in-line volume control will give you more convenience when listening to music, watching movies or playing games. Due to its soft leatherette earcups, you will feel comfortable wearing the earphones around your ears.

What are the other benefits of using wired headphones?- 

- They are much less expensive.

- Less battery power is needed.

- They can be connected directly to the computer or other devices without any hassles.

- They don't emit any radiation that may harm your health.

- The sound quality is better and crisper than the more fashionable Bluetooth headphones.


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