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  • Category: UPS
  • MRP: ₹ 3599
  • Model Number: ELS-ENERGY U725
    Capacity 650VA / 390 W
    Battery Type: 12V 7Ah (1)
    Transfer Time: 10 ms
    Protection: Full Protection
    Warranty: 2 Year on UPS and 1 Year on Battery

Product Description


Elista ELS Energy U725 UPS with built-in voltage regulator with super fast charging & DVR support to ensure a smooth working of your appliances. With high-tech auto restart on power resumption and high protection from overcharge, discharge, overload etc, this UPS is a must have power supply that you will need for efficient working.

Net Weight : 3.93 KG


VA/W: 650VA / 390 W


Nominal Voltage: 230 V
Input Voltage Range: 120-300 V


Nominal Voltage: 230 V
Voltage Regulation ( Bat. Mode): ±10%
Frequency: 50Hz
Frequency Regulation ( Bat. Mode): ±1Hz
Output Waveform: Sine Wave


Battery Type: 12V 7Ah (1)
Recharge Time: 3-4 Hours to 90% after Complete discharge

Transfer Time

Typical: 10 ms


AC Mode: Green Lighting
Battery Mode: Green Lighting

Audible Alarm

Backup Mode: Sounding Every 10 Sec
Low Battery: Sounding Every 1 Sec
Overload: Sounding Every 0.5 Sec
Fault: Continuously Sounding


Full Protection: Discharge, Overcharge & Overload Protection


Operation Environment: 0℃C-40℃C
Noise Level: Less than 40dB
Elevation: <2000m

Backup Time

For a 100W Load: 16 Min


Built-in voltage regulator
DVD Support
Super Fast Charger
Charging Time 3-4 Hours
Auto restart when AC Input Power is back on line
Overload Protection

Other Details

Gross Weight: 4.12 KG
Gift Box Dimension: 33.8 x 14.0 x 22.0 CM
Gift box EAN Code: 8906136770645

The digital picture may slightly vary from the actual product for representation purpose.

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