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In this scorching summer, it's important to keep hydrated and cool without compromising on style. So, if you are looking for some of the Best Personal Coolers in India, we have lined up a list of multiple highly efficient products. 

Elista has two variants Buddy Cool 37 & Buddy Cool 22. Both are made in India with superior engineering and a design that suits your lifestyle.

Why should you go with Elista's coolers?

The Elista line of air coolers offers complete peace of mind in addition to cooling your home. Our devices provide extreme cooling with a powerful air throw. It has improved water and electricity savings thanks to the most cutting-edge technology, due to which we can provide the best-in-class features. 

Your life will be cooler, better, and more relaxed thanks to features like honeycomb cooling pads. It has a built-in ice chamber and a mosquito + dust filter so that you can have cool and clean air in your surroundings. 

Our quick-fill water tank also takes away the last bit of stress from your life, as now you don't have to make multiple trips to the water store to refill water when you need it. 

Which device is more efficient?

Elista has a range of Best Personal coolers in India and one amongst them is Buddy cool 37; this device can be kept on the floor due to having vertical louvres. Due to its power savings and inverter compatibility, this device is best for homes or offices having less space. On the other hand, Buddy Cool 22 is most efficient for small to medium rooms in your home.


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