Introducing Elista Tower Speaker - Unmatched Sound Quality

Introducing Elista Tower Speaker - Unmatched Sound Quality

Are you prepared to change the way you listen to music in your house with the Elista Speaker, which boasts strong sound, a variety of connecting choices, and a chic design?

Your audio experience will be improved with our ELS TT-14000 AUFB Tower Speaker. Our speaker produces an incredible 140W of power, keeping each chord and rhythm incredibly apparent.

Dual Sub-Woofers

Equipped with two 10" sub-woofers, we provide deep and booming bass that will resonate through your entire space. The dual 4" speakers add a perfect balance of mid and high-range tones, ensuring a well-rounded sound experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth version 5.0, unrestricted liberty is at your fingertips. Take advantage of smooth connectivity within a 10-meter radius, enabling straightforward sound management from any device.

Multiple Input Options

Utilise the USB, FM, or AUX ports to connect your preferred music sources. Our Tower Speaker is a flexible part of your listening system because it works with DVD players, PCs, and TVs as well.

Karaoke Ready

You may let the inner rocking superstar loose using both wireless and wired microphones. For a unique karaoke expertise, alter the microphone level and echo setting. Use a wireless microphone that has an astonishing range of as much as ten metres to belt out your soul away.

Digital FM Playability

With an extensive range of frequencies from 88MHz to 108MHz, your digital FM transmitter lets you enjoy your favourite radio stations. Enjoyably listen in to one of your favourite channels.

Sleek Design

Apart from being a sonic powerhouse, the Elista Speaker also adds style to the space where you live. Any space will look great with the hardwood surface and shiny front plastic decorated with azure LED lights.

User-Friendly Features

With analogue volume, bass, and treble oversight, you can easily manage your audio pleasure. Without getting up from your seat, you may adjust the volume thanks to the fully working wireless remote control. Clear visibility of your preferences is provided by the large LED display.

Durable and Reliable

With a one-year guarantee, we back the high calibre of our goods and provide you security over your investment. With a resistance of 8 and a robust construction, the Tower Speaker is built to last.

Easy Setup and Package Contents

Anything that's required for a simple setup is included with our Speaker. You'll get the primary unit, remote control, antenna cable, slave unit, instruction booklet, loudspeaker cable, and a 12V DC LED cable inside the package.

27  Oct

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