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Are you fond of music and parties? If you are looking for the amazing speakers that make your home like a pub then choose our tower speakers. The Dancing Lights Tower Speaker is a great addition to any home for those who want to enjoy clear and natural sound with the added benefit of multi-colour RGB dancing lights. This speaker can be used with a variety of devices such as your phone, tablet, or other compatible devices.

Why Elista's tower speakers?

Elista's tower speakers are a top choice for those looking for the best in home entertainment. Our ELS ST-8000AUFB model comes equipped with a wireless mic and dynamic sound and bass effect, making it the perfect speaker for any occasion. With the added benefit of multi-colour RGB dancing lights, it creates a bar-like ambience in your home.



  •  2.1 Channel Computer Single Tower With USB,FM,BT,AUX compatibility
  • Aux Audio input compatible with DVD/PC/TV
  •    Line out for external device playability
  •  Wireless MIC Volume and Echo Level With Wired MIC Optional
  • Fully Function remote control
  • Digital FM Playability
  • BIG LED Display


Our tower speakers come with wireless mic volume and echo level with a wired mic optional, fully functional remote control, digital FM playability, and a big LED display make this speaker an excellent choice for any home. You'll have everything you need to get started with this great tower speaker.


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