Elista: Get Best air cooler for home

Elista: Get Best air cooler for home

In this scorching summer heat, deciding what to do first when going outside is hard. One thing that many people tend to do is head straight for the nearest air-conditioning machine. However, if you're comfortable with a little more adventure and exploration,

In this summer heat, everyone looks for ways to cool down. The best way is to use the list of air coolers from us. The most important thing about any cooler is still the cooling unit itself, which determines how effective a cooler will be.

Elista provides four types of air coolers :

• Desert Coolers 

• Personal Cooler

• Tower Cooler

• Window Cooler

Our Desert Cooler, Thunder Blast - 90, has strong air throw up to 43 Feet. It has an inbuilt ice chamber for better cooling and Multi-directional wheels for ease of moving. It is equipped with a large water tank and a water level indicator. 

We have the best tower cooler with a cooling capacity of 155W and an Air throw distance (Ft) of 28ft. This product comes with Inverter Compatibility and an Ice chamber.

Window Air Coolers can cool a space up to 2400 m3h. It has a dust filter only in the Woodwool Version. Wood Wool Cooling pads for enhanced cooling make it the best air cooler for home. This is one of the best window coolers because it is portable and fits into most window configurations/paintings. 

The Personal cooler with a capacity of 37 ltr has cooling availability of 50 W and has a cooling distance of up to 28ft. It is compatible with several speed modes in 3 phases. It also has an Inverter Compatibility.

If you are located in low humidity areas, It would be best to use a cooler rather than AC. Air Coolers can help you manage your home's climate without breaking the bank. It is much cheaper than air conditioners. It is still very important to check the area's air cooler capacity and cooling. Using a cooler in smaller spaces where air flow will be more concentrated is best. 

Heat waves like this one can cause a lot of damage to your home and keep you up at night sweating. While they will feel good at first, they can start to damage you and your family later on if you don't take precautions. When it comes to air coolers, you must research them before purchasing.

Our devices guarantee extreme cooling, powerful air throw, and improved water and electricity savings, thanks to the most cutting-edge, best-in-class features. Your life will be cooler, better, and more relaxed thanks to features like honeycomb cooling pads.

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