Buy the best sound quality Tower Speaker for your party

Buy the best sound quality Tower Speaker for your party

So you're throwing a party, and you want to make it one to remember? There's no better way to do this than by playing your favorite music through the best sound quality Tower Speaker.Nowadays, when most people are inclined towards Bluetooth neckbands and earphones,

A multimedia speaker is a portable device to play music and videos. There are two main types of multimedia speakers, namely wired and wireless. While the wireless type doesn't require any wire for connection, wired speakers need a physical connection like AUX cable or wire.

Generally, these speakers can be easily connected to your best cloud tv, computer, and mobile phones. Wireless speakers are generally used when on the move or in outdoor activities, whereas wired ones are more stationary and used at home or in office ambiance. 

Elista provides an amazing tower speaker with dynamic Sound Quality and Bass effects. It comes with multi-color dancing lights, which will give you a party ambiance. Our Wireless mic comes with echo level control as well as you can also connect a wired mic via an AUX cable.

Our team of elista engineers and designers is dedicated to sourcing only the most reliable electronic products from reputable factories to ensure the best buying experience.

ST ELS ST-8000AUFB tower speaker is a multi-functional device used for various purposes. It is available in black colors and has the option of a wifi mic. Therefore, it can be used not only in the home but also in the office or any other place to listen to music or talk on the phone. 

Other features like multi-connectivity, Line out for external device playability, and Digital FM Playability makes it a perfect choice for the home or office. An outdoor party is always best to enjoy festivals, sports, and music. You can play your favorite music playlist on the best Sound Quality Tower Speaker. The amazing addition of its multicolored dancing light makes it more attractive. 

It also has a big LED display on the front that displays the frequency and other necessary information. Connecting this speaker with any device will display important information like song title, volume, and the current time in digital format. This also has a Mute button to turn off all music or microphone at one place and source. A power button on the left side of its base can be pressed to turn on the speakers.

A Tower Speaker is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry from one place to another. It comes with an Aux Audio input compatible with DVD/PC/TV, so it can be used for conference calls or music. 

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