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Are you looking for the best deals on the Soundbar for TV? This is the place to be if you want to bring your tunes up a notch or two. Get a Soundbar from Elista at an affordable price today!

Why do you need a Soundbar for TV? 

Only some are blessed with an audio system in the living room or bedroom. Many people have to make do with a few small speakers or even a TV sound that can barely be heard across the next room. This situation is unsuitable for any home theater; it does watch sports and listens to music, an unsatisfying experience. The best solution is to get a soundbar for the TV.

What is a Soundbar?

A sound bar is essentially a single speaker that has been designed specifically for your TV. The best part is that it works with TV sound while adding a subwoofer to improve the audio experience. Sound bars are sound towers designed with an array of speakers. They have an extra subwoofer and a bass pod which are these components that produce bass by shaking the floor beneath you.

How do you make a difference with Elista Soundbar?

You can bring your home to music with our Wireless Soundbar ELS-BAR 6000, as it is designed for effortless beauty with a premium shiny exterior. The wireless soundbar has a high-definition speaker system that enhances your music experience and provides impressive sound quality.

It has easy control with Remote Controller and multiple Connectivity Mode like; Bluetooth, AUX Input, USB Playability, Coaxial, and HDMI (ARC DSP Control). It also has a volume control and a play, pause, and skip key. With 60W Power Output, you can set up the sound bar on your TV, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet and enjoy the crisp and clear sound. 

The remote controller can easily be operated from 15 meters. You can also connect your smartphones to this sound bar using USB Mode. This will allow you to enjoy music directly from your smartphone without interruption or signal distortion.


Q: Does this Soundbar have a Built-in SMPS Power Supply?


A: Elista's sound bars have a built-in SMPS Power Supply.

Q: Is it easy to connect the Soundbar to my TV? Are there any wires involved?

A: Connecting this product is quite simple and easy. You can connect the Soundbar to your TV using an HDMI cable or a coaxial cable.

Q: Is the soundbar compatible with all types of TVs?

A: Yes, it is compatible with all types of TV brands.



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