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Power PULSE 450

  • Category: SMPS
  • MRP: ₹ 899
  • Model Number: Power PULSE 450
    Over Power Protection: Yes
    Connector: 20+4pin; 2SATA; 2HDD;1 Fan
    Line Regulation: 1%
    Short Circuit Protection: Yes
    AC Input: AC 220V-50Hz
    Warranty:2 Year

Product Description

Power PULSE 450

High quality SMPS Power supply with 20+4 pin, 450 W with minimum power output of 200 W and Intel & AMD processor support.

Model Number: Power PULSE 450
MRP: 899
Over Power Protection: YES
Connector:   20+4pin; 2SATA; 2HDD;1 Fan
Line Regulation: 1%
DC Output: Voltage : +5V, Current : 29A; Voltage : +12V, Current : 18A; Voltage : +3.3V, Current : 30A; Voltage : -12V, Current : 0.5A; Voltage : +5VSB, Current : 2A
Compatible with any PC for 200W: Yes
Short Circuit Protection: YES
Better Efficiency: YES
AC Input: AC 220V-50Hz
Maximum Wattage (at 3.3V & 5V): 85W
Humidity:   0-90% RH @ 0-40degC(non condensing)
EAN Code: 8906136772908

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