Elista Multimedia Speaker - Unleash Sound and Light

Elista Multimedia Speaker - Unleash Sound and Light

The Elista Speakers appears as dazzling star in modern entertainment, where audio quality and immersive experiences reign supreme, ready to revolutionize audio interactions. This speaker is prepared to alter your audio expectations with an astounding assortment of features.

and characteristics that rival its counterparts. Let's look at what the Elista Multimedia Speaker offers in terms of sound, technology, and innovation.

Tech Specs: Unveiling the Sonic Mastery

The Elista Multimedia Speaker is built around a powerful collection of technological parameters that offer an audio experience. With a maximum retail price of $5499, it demonstrates that exceptional audio quality does not have to be prohibitively expensive. The 83W (35W+12W4) power output ensures that every note, beat, and melody reverberates clearly.

The driver sizes demonstrate the speaker's dedication to balanced sound. The main unit includes a 13.3 cm (5.25") driver, while each satellite unit has a 7.62 cm (3") driver. This astute engineering guarantees that the intricacies of bass and treble frequencies are brought to life precisely.

Impedance is important in audio fidelity, and the Multimedia Speaker delivers. This speaker guarantees that audio signals flow freely, delivering a seamless musical experience, with an impedance of 4 for the main unit and 8 for the satellite units.

The Bluetooth Conundrum: A Symphony of Connectivity

Bluetooth reigns supreme in the age of wireless connectivity, and the Multimedia Speaker welcomes this trend with its V5.1 Bluetooth edition. With a range of up to 10 meters, you may move freely without compromising sound quality. This speaker ensures that your audio experience is uninterrupted, whether you're streaming music from your smartphone, iPad, or laptop.

A Symphony for the Eyes: Visual Enhancements

The Speaker is more than simply a sound system; it's also a visual extravaganza. A large LED display takes center stage, displaying critical information at a glance. However, the RGB lights adorning the speaker are a true visual delight. These lights dazzle and sync with the music, transforming your area into a captivating mix of sound and light.

A Universe of Connectivity: Options Galore

The Speaker's extensive range of connectivity choices is one of its distinguishing characteristics. YOU've SPOILED FOR OPTIONS with AUX, USB, FM, and Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you want a wired connection, to listen to your USB music library, to listen to your favorite FM station, or to indulge in wireless streaming, this speaker has you covered.

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