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Best Google TV in India

Are you prepared to join a never-ending entertainment universe? Introducing the Best Google TV in India, where your viewing experience is upgraded to new heights. We at Elista understand that entertainment is not just a pastime but a way of life. That's why we've crafted smart TVs to integrate cutting-edge technology with exceptional design.

Endless Content at Your Fingertips

Elista’s GTV-32HILD model has many amazing features to name it as one of the Best Google TV in India. It includes a whole universe of programs that are designed just for you and your family. Instantly, when you turn on your TV, your favourite streaming platforms will be there for you. It includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, all ready to go. A library packed with movies, shows, and live TV channels is asking to be explored.

Personalized Entertainment Just For You

For every individual, the opportunity to find entertainment that fits perfectly is as important as it gets. Thus, you are always presented with a curated selection of content most likely to be interesting for you. With various smart features in GTV-32HILD and GTV-32HILED, like Google Voice Assistant, Bluetooth 5.2 support, Dolby Sound, makes it the Best Google TV in India for home entertainment! From cinema to sports to documentaries, there’s a program for everyone to enjoy.

Give Your Home Theatre a Refresh

Over the years, we have realised that the content is not only the key to providing the most mesmerising entertainment. But rather that the whole experience should be unforgettable, from great material to very different and memorable surroundings. Our smart TV features are exhibited by the best display technologies which produce much sharper resolution for stronger colours and more vivid clarity.

Seamless Connectivity, Smart Integration

Why are Elista smart TVs branded as one the Best Google TV in India? Answer ends with ultimate connectivity features like the dual band of WiFi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This makes it most fashionable and adaptable to the digital environment. The inbuilt Google Assistant gives you a chance to adjust the TV and the smart home devices, and access information just by using your voice. Besides, our TVs also have diverse connectivity opportunities.